When I think of the iconic women of style, I see strong women of taste who wear timeless and beautifully crafted garments, with impeccable detailing, created from the finest textiles available. These aren’t women who fall prey to the latest trendy new item of the season – which they may not want to see themselves photographed in, just a few years later. These are women who make their own style. There’s a reason “Holly Golightly” remains a fashion icon: Audrey Hepburn wore clothing that was perfectly tailored for her by Monsieur Givenchy in a style that was her own.

When clothing is created by a knowledgeable designer it will highlight a woman’s strengths, minimize her perceived flaws and become an outward extension of her personality and style.

When I work with a client it is an intimate collaboration. We begin by selecting a silhouette. Next we explore several fabric choices so we can choose something not only suitable for the occasion but for the woman wearing it.

Next we make a custom pattern – the original silhouette might be sleeveless but this custom creation might have a three-quarter sleeve and a lower neckline to highlight a beautiful neck or collar bones. From here we create a muslin at which point we sculpt the neck to create a bit of magic. The process continues through my atelier of pattern makers, cutters, seamstresses and finishers where your individual couture garment is brought to life.

When people wear my finished garments they feel special, although they may not know why. But I will tell you that it is because of the attention to details and special techniques that go into making you, the couture customer, look and feel as special as you are.

– James Hogan